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 Join Form!!!!

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PostSubject: Join Form!!!!   Wed Oct 03, 2007 8:37 am

Your Characters Name:

Your Characters Jutsu's (Max. 3 Starting Jutsu's MUST BE STARTING JUTSU'S! only used by academy student's):

Your Characters Village:

How did you find this site:

Your username:

What makes you want to join and how long do you plan on staying:

Please include a small example of a roleplay that you might have done in the past. Must be above 100 words:

Cya guys drunken

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Academy Student
Academy Student

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PostSubject: Re: Join Form!!!!   Sun May 24, 2009 2:43 pm

Kiba my charecters name is someran

jutsus:reserection ultimate shadow clone jutsu ultimate rasengane(fox version) and awsome stealth

came from village of the fire hidden in the dark[spoiler] made up of coures!!!!!!!!
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Samuil Uchiha
Academy Student
Academy Student

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PostSubject: Re: Join Form!!!!   Wed Aug 26, 2009 4:19 am

Character: Samuil Uchiha

Jutsu: Fire styles, Ninja art: Dark blade of death, Ninja art:Dance of lightning blades.

Village: Konoha....but was missing as a baby and found in the village hidden in the mist

found this site as roaming google lol

Samuil Uchiha

and what made me join is the fact that i like to rp with anyone who is a fan of naruto like me and i was planning on staying for a while

and this is my sample of my rp with my friend on deviantart. and I was playing Naruto Uzumaki.

I looked around as it just seemed to get darker but I ran towards the other end of the road to a big palace looking house as it looked like it was abandoned for years as it had vines and trees growing around it as I jumped towards a window and looked in as it look even more deserted as I lift open the window as it slowly opened as I crawled through didn't know if someone was in here so I walked slowly with a kunai in my hand as I looked around as it was very dark I pulled out a flash light and shined it everywhere as then I heard noises I looked around and couldn't see anything as then I walked down the stairs as the stairs creaked as the noises seemed alittle more clearer as it was screams of pain as then I stepped on the last stair and fell through as I landed on a pile of sand as I couldn't get up I looked around as there was a light through a tunnel I finally got up and walked through the tunnel I looked around the corner and seen Neji tied up in a chair as his clothes was all ripped up and water dripping off of his head as he was bent over from the pain as his hands were tied up I seen the torturer as he seemed big but probably stupid as I through my kunai and it hit him in the neck as he dropped like a stone as his body started melting I ran towards neji as I untied him.

"Neji are you alright?" I asked as he finally looked up and seen my face he smiled alittle bit.

"Naruto.....I'm actually see you...." He said as he tried to get up.

"Where's Kakashi-sensei and Hinata and Kiba?" I asked holding him up

"Hinata.....she is....on another part....of the village...Kakashi....on another part...and kiba.....on the east must hurry who knows....what they are doing to them..." Neji said as he finally fainted I picked him up as then I tried to look for an exit as I jumped through the hole where I fell at and seen the front door I summoned a clone as I started to create the Rasengan as I ran towards the door and blasted it open as I ran towards the gates of the village as I ran as fast as I could.

"Sasuke, Sora come in I found neji he said before he fainted that Kakashi, Hinata, and kiba is on separate parts of the village do you copy?"
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Ankoki Isruki
Academy Student
Academy Student

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PostSubject: Re: Join Form!!!!   Thu Dec 03, 2009 4:57 pm

Name: Ankoki Isruki

Your Characters Jutsu's: ( The three obvious ones every academy student knows.) Ankoki has a Gekkei Genkai though : Gekkei Genkai Secret Art: Cannibal Jutsu~ Ankoki's teeth become 2x bigger and she becomes more animalistic. The Jutsu allows her do devour Human Flesh, and create chakra from it. Earth Style ~ Groundhog Technique Decapitation and Body Flicker Technique.

Characters Village: Family is from Cave Country (Not real) but was born and raised in the Village Hidden In The Leaves

How did you find this site:Google

username: Ankoki Isruki

What makes you want to join and how long do you plan on staying?: I want to join because I want to Naruto RP online and I plan on staying awhile if I like the site

Please include a small example of a roleplay that you might have done in the past. Must be above 100 words:

Sasuke landed alongside Kabuto on a roof top a little ways from the Hyuga Manor. "That went well." He smirked, looking at the Uchiha."Shut up," he replied in his annoyed tone. "Well then let's be on our --" "Not so fast," A voice interuppted Kabuto. The two turned around and came face to face with the Prodigy of the Hyuga Clan, Neji. "What do you want?" Sasuke asked. "What does Orochimaru want with Lady Hinata?" Neji demanded. Sasuke looked at him. " I don't know but then again, I don't care," He replied. "I know," Kabuto said pushing his glasses up. "But I won't tell you." Neji looked at Kabuto. "I'd love to stay and tell you, but I have errands to run." Kabuto leaped from the building to another and took off. Neji started to jump after Kabuto but stopped, as Sasuke appeared in front of him. "You know... we never got a chance to fight before. And since I need to test out a few things, you'll be my guinea pig." Neji stopped and positioned himself into a fighting stance. "Byakugan!" Neji replied. "Heh, they say since the Sharingan came from the Byakugan, it's better... well today I'll prove them wrong." Sasuke retorted. "We'll see..." Neji replied. Sasuke threw Shuriken (Throwing stars) at Neji, which he quickly blocked by using swift Juuken (Gentle Fist) strikes, deflecting them. Neji looked at Sasuke. "Stop toying around." He said. "You really want me to go full out? Your funeral Neji," Sasuke replied. "SHARINGAN!!" Sasuke's eyes became red and split into 3 pupils."BYAKUGAN!!" Neji's veins popped out of eyes. "Let's go."
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PostSubject: Re: Join Form!!!!   

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Join Form!!!!
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